Bollé Slam+ SLAMPCSP Copper Safety Glasses


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  • Copper lenses work with high and low light exposure
  • Twin material frames have been built for your comfort
  • The tint of the lenses also filters out harmful blue light
  • Wraparound protection with anti-fog, anti-scratch coat
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Brand:  Bolle

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Bollé Slam+ SlamPCSP Copper Safety Glasses 

With twin material temples for your comfort, the Bollé Slam+ SLAMPCSP Copper Safety Glasses will not just keep your eyes safe but feel comfortable and look stylish while doing it. These glasses are copper tinted for wraparound protection that sharpens contrast in alternating high and low light levels while actively filter out harmful blue light.

Key Specifications

  • Frame Marking: EN 166 F, T CE
  • Lens Marking: 5-1.4 1 F, T, K, N CE
  • Frame Strength: F, T
  • Protection from Sun Glare: 5
  • Lens Light Transmission: 1.4
  • Optical Quality: 1
  • Lens Property: F, T, K, N
  • Learn about eyewear specifications here

EN Standard Compliance of the Bollé SLAM+ Copper Safety Glasses SLAMPCSP

To ensure the protection provided by these glasses is both quality and reliable, they have been tested against EN standards and they comply as follows:

  • EN 166 - Personal eye protection
  • EN 172 - Solar Protection

Key Features

  • Copper lenses provide visibility in high and low light, ideal for workplaces with alternating light levels
  • The lenses provide blue light filtration to prevent fatigue and headaches from frequent screen use
  • Wraparound frame provides excellent coverage to protect your whole eye from approaching hazards
  • The adaptable frames are soft and pliable to comfortably accommodate the majority of head shapes
  • Designed for long periods of wear with twin-material, ergonomic temples that are not only stylish but comfortable
  • The temples are textured for secure wear that stays in place without creating pressure points or discomfort
  • PLATINUM coated on both sides of the lens providing scratch resistance that ensures the glasses longevity
  • The coating is also fog resistant to ensure absolute clarity of vision that won't become obstructed in busy moments
  • Panoramic field of view gives you blue light protection and low light contrast wherever you look through the lens
  • No metal parts included in the build
  • Weight: 30g (approx 0.066 lbs)
  • Lens Colour: Brown
  • Frame Colour: Black/Orange
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate/Thermoplastic Rubber

Copper Coloured Coverage

These copper-tinted lenses are designed for use in environments with alternating light levels, providing 65% light transmission they are suitable for blocking bright light and heightening contrast. This is ideal for workers whose labour involves moving between indoors and outdoors or if you work outside where the weather is changeable.

Blue Light Filtration

The copper-coloured lenses also work to filter out harmful blue light, which can cause fatigue and headaches for those whose work involves high screen usage. If your work involves switching tasks between manual labour and screen work then you can wear these glasses throughout without the need to remove them.

Wraparound Protection

Designed to provide ultra-wraparound protection, these lenses that curve to cover the whole orbit of your eye and comfortable frames to adapt to the majority of head shapes. By providing protection that wraps around the eye, these Slam+ Safety Glasses will prevent hazardous and dangerous particles from injuring you - wherever they approach from.

Optimum Eye Protection

These glasses have been tested and certified safe for use in an environment where high speed particles are present with extreme temperatures. Their polycarbonate build means they won't just keep blue light and sun glare from harming your eyes but also protect against high-speed particles ideal for workers in industry such as construction.

 Workman Wearing the Bolle Slam Plus Copper Safety Glasses On Site

No Metal Build

The design of these Bollé Glasses doesn't feature any metal parts, making them suitable for use in environments where even a small piece of unwanted metal could cause problems, such as near an MRI machine. These glasses will provide reliable protection wherever they are used, whether in industrial workplaces or medical environments.

Comfortable Wear

The Bollé Slam+ SLAMPCSP Copper Safety Glasses are designed for all day comfort so that they can be worn throughout the working day without creating pressure points. The twin material frames have grippy indentations that stay securely in place and feel soft on your ears even after long periods.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Bollé recommend that these glasses should be cleaned regularly to best maintain their quality protection. Cleaning the glasses will not impact or compromise the fog and scratch resistant lens coating. For optimum longevity it is best to store the glasses in either a microfibre pouch or rigid hard-shell case.

Bolle Slam SLAPCSP Copper Lens Safety Glasses On Site

Optional Neck Cord

We recommend purchasing these glasses alongside the Bollé Safety Glasses Neck Cord CORDC, an adjustable round-the-neck cord designed to protect your glasses and prevent you from losing them. This accessory is ideal if you are kitting out a workforce and want to ensure everyone will hold onto their own pair of safety glasses.


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