Bollé CURA-F PFSCURFP02 Medical Face Shield With Temples and Buckles


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  • Medical face shield for bacterial and liquid protection
  • Clear visor with an easy peel-off outer protective film
  • Anti-fog coating ensures clarity of vision at all times
  • Sustainably manufactured in the UK with local materials
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Brand:  Bolle

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Bollé CURA-F PFSCURFP02 Medical Face Shield With Temples and Buckles

Designed for healthcare professionals, the Bollé CURA-F PFSCURFP02 Medical Face Shield with Temples and Buckles covers your whole face for complete protection from bacteria and any liquids or spray that could cause infections in close patient interactions. This face shield is not only comfortable and reliably protective but it's also made locally in the UK from sustainable materials.

Key Specifications

  • Frame Marking: UKCA CE
  • Lens Marking: UKCA CE

UK Compliance of the Bollé CURA-F Face Shield with Temples and Buckles PFSCURFP02

Made in Great Britain this face shield conforms to the new UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) standard so that you can be assured of its quality.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and disinfectable nylon (polyamide) frame is comfortable to wear
  • Easy peel-off, tinted outer protective film provides an extra-stage of protection
  • This version includes curved temples to offer extra protection around your head
  • Strap and adjustable buckles ensure a variable fit so you can get the right tightness for you
  • PLATINUM LITE anti-fog coating guarantees your vision won't become obscured
  • Easily cleaned, it is washable for reusability once the outer protective film is removed
  • Assembled in the UK using locally sourced, sustainable materials

Key Specifications

  • Weight: 68g (approx 0.15 lbs)
  • Lens Colour: Clear
  • Strap Colour: White
  • Frame Colour: Blue
  • Lens Material: Polyester
  • Strap Material: Isoprene
  • Frame Material: Nylon

Clarity and Protection for Healthcare Professionals

The Bollé PFSCURFP02 CURA-F Medical Face Shield with Temples and Buckles is designed to protect healthcare professionals from bacterial viruses that could be contracted dealing with patients or spread through open wounds during surgery. The total coverage provided by the face shield means it will also protect against liquids, droplets and splashes.

Temples and Buckles

This model of the Bollé CURA-F Face Shield with Temples and Buckles PFSCURFP02 comes with both extended temples and buckles. The extended temples provide extra protection around your head to ensure no bacteria, splashes or droplets will reach you. The buckles provide extra security, keeping the face shield in place as well as maximising its adjustability to fit a variety of head shapes.

PLATINUM LITE Anti-Fog Protection

To preserve your clarity of vision the Cura-F face shield is coated with PLATINUM LITE, an anti-fog coating that will ensure your vision does not cloud up while dealing with patients. Ensuring your vision stays clear means that you can trust the face shield not to obstruct your view during a pivotal surgical moment.


The Cura-F face shield is designed to fit over the whole face and is one-size-fits-all. It can accommodate a face wearing glasses and will work with the majority of prescriptions.

Is the Face Shield Re-Usable?

The face shield comes with an easy peel-off plastic coating that is slightly tinted and will keep the shield clean during use. Once removed, the face shield is then washable ensuring that it is re-usable making this shield an economical and environmentally friendly purchase. 


Designed, manufactured and assembled in Great Britain with locally sourced sustainable materials, the Bollé CURA-F Face Shield with Temples and Buckles is the environmentally friendly choice when it comes to protecting yourself and the planet.


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