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UCi Kara Indirect Vent Clear Safety Goggles SG501

  • Lightweight, sealed goggles with 180° field of vision
  • Hard-coated lens with anti-fog treatment for safety
  • Protects against dust particles and liquid splash
  • Suitable for protecting against extreme temperatures
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Supertouch E10 Smoke Safety Glasses

  • Lightweight and comfortable glasses for protection
  • Smoke-coloured lens suitable for protection against glare
  • Include scratch-proof polycarbonate lenses
  • Supplied in a universal size suitable for most users
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Delta Plus Muria 1 Clear Safety Goggles

  • Clear and simple to use design ideal for hygiene environments
  • Ventilation keeps head cool during extended use
  • Offers protection against medium energy impacts
  • Elastic strap means goggles fit most users
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UCi Arafura Clear Safety Glasses with Neck Cord I704

  • Lightweight wraparound safety glasses with neck cord
  • Adjustable side arms and soft nose bridge for comfort
  • Hard-coated lens for scratch resistance
  • Polycarbonate lens and nylon frame
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Bollé Coversal Welding Goggles COVRP5

  • Flip-up welding lenses provide maximum convenience
  • Prescription spectacles can be worn under the goggles
  • Twin protection thanks to outer and inner lenses
  • Fully adjustable nylon strap included with the goggles
Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon  Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon

Bollé B808 Clear Safety Glasses B808BLPSI

  • Lightweight safety glasses with wraparound design
  • Upper and side protection with UV filters
  • Anti-fog PLATINUM coating with scratch resistance
  • Clear lens ideal for a wide range of industries
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Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

See our full selection of high quality Safety Goggles. We offer a huge selection of goggles for a range of different industries.

Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

Providing protection that many find more comfortable than goggles, Safety Glasses are a great eye-protection solution against threats.

Full Face Masks

Full Face Masks

When you need a greater level of protection from medical and other hazards, Full Face Masks are a better choice than goggles or glasses.

Learn About Goggles

With our wide selection of eyewear, you may be unsure about which are right for you. Our Knowledge Centre is full of helpful guides to help you choose.

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Welding Goggles

Welding Eyewear

Whenever you are welding, your face is at risk of coming into contact with sparks. Our Welding Eyewear keeps you protected against any threat.

Construction Goggles

Construction EyeWear

You encounter myriad threats when building and it is important to be prepared. Our Construction Eyewear helps to keep eyes safe.

Medical Eyewear

Medical Eyewear

In a medical environment, there are a number of hazards such as contaminants that can threaten you. See our Medical Eyewear to see our available solutions.

Bulk Buying & Wholesale

If you're looking to buy in bulk, we can help you save money on your PPE. We offer discounts on all of our eyewear when you are buying wholesale.

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Tinted Lenses

Tinted Lenses

Great for people that are working outdoors, our range of Tinted Lenses provide goggles and glasses to reduce brightness in the workplace.

Coloured Lenses

Coloured Lenses

Ideal for protection against UV light and other threats, our Coloured Lenses range gives you an array of options to find the perfect PPE eyewear.

Wraparound Lenses

Wraparound Lenses

Sometimes threats don't come at you directly, and you need to prepare for this fact. See our Wraparound Lenses for a more complete protection.

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Safety goggles play a crucial role and can be a vital addition to your PPE (personal protective equipment). If you are looking to protect your eyes in the workplace, we can help. We have a team of eye protection experts that can help you select the correct safety goggles for your needs.

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