Milwaukee Fog-Free Clear Safety Glasses with +1.5 Magnified Corrective Eye Lens (4932478910)


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  • Fog and scratch preventative +1.5 lens work safety glasses
  • Fog-free lens treatment is ideal for use outdoors
  • Anti-scratch lens coating prolongs life of your glasses
  • Lightweight 25g design is comfortable and unobtrusive
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Brand:  Milwaukee Tools

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Milwaukee Fog-Free Clear Safety Glasses with +1.5 Magnified Corrective Eye Lens (4932478910)

Milwaukee Fog-Free Clear Safety Glasses with +1.5 Magnified Corrective Eye Lens (4932478910) are a corrective pair of work safety gloves complete with +1.5 corrective lenses that are optimised for use outdoors thanks to anti-scratch and anti-fog lens coatings. They are manufactured against the traditional lightweight work glasses design specification and are certified as a protective piece of workwear under EN 166.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Work Glasses

Key Specifications

  • Frame Marking: MT 166 FT CE
  • Lens Marking: MT 1FT K CE
  • Frame Strength: C, E
  • Lens Light Transmission: 1
  • Optical Quality: 1
  • Corrective Lens Strength: +1.5
  • Lens Properties:  K, N

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EN Protection Ratings

Milwaukee Safety Glasses (4932478910) have been tested in accordance with the following European safety regulations:

  • EN 166

Key Features and Properties

  • Scratch-proof lens treatment protects your vision from surface damage
  • Anti-fog coating is ideal for use on-site in winter
  • Manufactured with +1.5 corrective lenses
  • Excellent magnifying solution for tradesmen and construction professionals
  • Lightweight design (-25g) makes for a comfortable fit

Sizing Information

Milwaukee Fog-Free Safety Glasses are available in a single size designed to fit most users. They are lightweight, with a generous amount of arm width that ensures compatibility with most users.

Alternative Lens Magnification Strengths

Milwaukee Magnified Safety Glasses are available with four different corrective lens strengths. Please see below to view the other three:

Anti-Fog Coating Treatment

Foggy lenses are a pain. No matter the temperature, sometimes it seems like nothing will prevent your glasses blurring up. Milwaukee use an innovative coating that gets between the water molecules in the air to prevent them from sticking to one another. This means that instead of warm air creating a blurry haze, it creates a thin film that wont obscure your vision.

Protective coating

Anti-Scratch Protection

An accumulation of scratches will ruin your glasses faster than anything else. Often referred to as an "AR coating", anti-scratch or scratch preventative coatings do exactly what it says on the tin. Milwaukee use a super-strength industrial coating to mitigate and diminish the effect that abrasive compounds like dust, dirt and sand have when they come into contact with glass.


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