Best Construction Glasses 2024

11 September 2023  |  Sharman

When it comes to working construction, your safety glasses need to protect your eyes without impeding your vision. Depending on the hazards you're dealing with or the weather conditions, you may also require other features like low-light lenses, tinted lenses or resistance to fog.

Whatever the work day throws at you, this guide to our Best Construction Glasses 2024 can help.

What Does this Guide Cover?

Best Overall Construction Glasses

Our Winner: Bollé BL30 Lightweight Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses

Bollé BL30 Lightweight Scratch-Resistant Safety Glasses

Why We Picked Them...

 Tough polycarbonate build is resistant to impacts at extreme temperatures
 Extremely lightweight at only 24g, perfect for comfortable all-day wear
 Clear lenses with wraparound design offer maximum field of vision

Ideal For...

 Protection from lower-risk eye hazards and day-to-day wear
 Indoor wear and outdoor work on overcast days

Not the Best For...

 Wearing over prescription glasses (See Our Solution)
 Sun glare and UV protection (See Our Solution)

Our Verdict: The wraparound build and completely clear design of the Bollé BL30 Lightweight Safety Glasses offer an unobscured, panoramic view, perfect for everyday construction use. They're also scratch-resistant for lasting durability and completely metal-free, making them safe to wear around electrics. Their lightweight and thin design is comfortable, while leaving plenty of room for headwear or ear protection.

Best Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Our Winner: Uvex Pheos Clear Safety Glasses 9192-225

Uvex Pheos Clear Safety Glasses 9192-225

Why We Picked Them...

 Supravision coating on lenses offer robust fog and mist resistance
 Lenses also certified for impact and scratch resistance on outside
 Flexible, non-slip and soft arms offer most comfortable and secure fit

Ideal For...

 Indoor wear and outdoor work on cloudy days
 Tough eye protection with long-lasting comfort

Not the Best For...

 Complete dust and debris protection (See Our Solution)
 Working at night (See Our Solution)

Our Verdict: The Uvex Pheos Clear Safety Glasses 9192-225 are some of our best-selling safety glasses and it's easy to see why! The sporty, wraparound design and soft, non-slip arms offer a comfortable, secure fit and wide field of vision. Perfect for everyday construction or working in foggy conditions, their lenses are certified with resistance to impacts, scratches and fog. 

Best Construction Sunglasses

Our Winner: Bollé Komet PSSKOME408 Smoke Outdoor Safety Glasses

Bollé Komet PSSKOME408 Smoke Outdoor Safety Glasses

Why We Picked Them...

 Smoke tinted lenses provide effective protection from glare and UV
 Flat temples and thin arms provide a comfortable and ergonomic fit
 Completely metal-free build is suitable for wearing around electrics

Ideal For...

 Bright conditions and working outdoors
 Protecting eyes from UV while retaining safe vision

Not the Best For...

 Overcast and foggy days (See Our Solution)
 Working at night (See Our Solution)

Our Verdict: Perfect for summer work or sunny days all year round, the Bollé Komet Safety Sunglasses have tinted lenses that offer comprehensive protection from UV and sun glare. They feature ergonomic flat temples, along with a wraparound design, both of which provide long-lasting comfort and a secure fit.

Best Safety Glasses for Night Work

Our Winner: MCR Safety Klondike Plus Amber Lens Safety Glasses CEENKD314AF

MCR Safety Klondike Plus Amber Lens Safety Glasses CEENKD314AF

Why We Picked Them...

 Five-position temples and gel nose piece offer a most comfortable fit
 Amber lenses provide greater contrast for low light conditions
 Duramass coating offers long-lasting durability and protection

Ideal For...

 Maintaining visibility in dimly lit work environments
 Working in the evenings and driving at night

Not the Best For...

 Working under the sun (See Our Solution)
 More complete protection (See Our Solution)

Our Verdict: The MCR Klondike Safety Glasses feature amber-tinted lenses which can be really helpful for working in low light conditions like during evening and night work. They provide greater contrast than clear lenses which increases safety and makes identifying hazards easier. With a lightweight build and five-position adjustable temples, they offer a customised and comfortable fit.

Best over glasses safety glasses

Our Winner: Uvex Clear Super Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses 9169-260

Uvex Clear Super Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses 9169-260

Why We Picked Them...

 Wide box design fits comfortably over a pair of prescription glasses
 Lightweight 37g gram build and flexible arms for all-day comfort
 Robust design is resistant to scratches, fog, splashes and chemicals

Ideal For...

 Protecting eyes while maintaining accurate and safe vision
 Shielding prescription glasses from damage and obstruction

Not the Best For...

 Sunglare protection (Also Available with Tinted Lenses)
 People who don't need prescription glasses (See Our Solution)

Our Verdict: If you normally wear prescription glasses for your vision, you may want a pair of OTG glasses. These Uvex Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses are light which is important because you’ll be dealing with the weight of them and the prescription glasses underneath. They also feature a single lens box design so they won’t collide with your other pair. The single lens is also resistant to scratches, low-energy impacts and fog.

Best safety Goggles for Construction

Our Winner: Uvex Clear U-Sonic Wide-Vision Goggles 9308-245

Uvex Clear U-Sonic Wide-Vision Goggles 9308-245

Why We Picked Them...

 Very high level of impact protection, plus fog and scratch resistance
 Enclosed google design provides liquid splash and dust resistance
 Ergonomic, ventilated and low-pressure design for lasting comfort

Ideal For...

 Protecting whole area around eyes and brow line
 Working with splash, chemical and dust risks 

Not the Best For...

 Sun glare protection (Also Available with Tinted Lenses)
 Lower level hazards (See Our Solution)

Our Verdict: When working around heavy machinery and power tools, you may want a higher level of protection from dust and debris. These Uvex Safety Goggles are highly protective with extremely robust impact resistance as well as resistance to chemical splashes, dust and fog. On top of this, they're ergonomically designed to be low-pressure and shape to the wearer’s face. These glasses are ideal if you're looking for versatile and comprehensive protection combined with all-day comfort.


The safety glasses in this guide are all fantastic options for builders and other jobs on site, so hopefully you've found what you're looking for. But if you're still on the hunt, why not have a look at our full range of Construction Eyewear, we're sure we have the pair for you!

Have any more questions about construction eyewear or just have something to say? Let us know in the comments section down below!