Eyewear Safety Regulations

3 Comments19 July 2018  |  Eugene
Guide to Full Face Masks and Respiratory Filters

If you're working in an environment where airborne particles are a hazard, then you're in need of more than just eye protection. Full face masks are the ideal solution, as they will protect your eyes and face from harmful particles, while also accommodating particle filters that can spare your lungs the same fate. When choosing a full face mask and filter, you'll need to know the standards involved to get the right protection, which we break down here in our Guide to Full Face Masks and Respiratory Filters.

3 July 2018
How to Choose Your Lens Colour

The eyewear that we sell here at SafetyGoggles.co.uk come in many shapes, sizes, tints and colours. You might be forgiven for presuming that the darker the glasses the better they are at protecting against UV light, but that isn't always the case. This short guide explains How to Choose Your Lens Colour, showing you each of the popular lenses in detail and describing what they are best suited for. 

14 June 2018
EN 166 Explained

Providing the correct safety goggles for your eyes is crucial, which is why any product that offers eye protection adheres to a number of different EN standards. The tough procedures that safety glasses undergo before making it to the shop floor are done in your interest, however the different numbers and letters on the glasses can easily be misunderstood. We've decided to create a short guide called EN 166 Explained, to ensure that when it comes to buying your pair of safety goggles you know exactly what you're looking at.

14 June 2018
Protecting Your Eyes Against Harmful Light

Protecting Your Eyes Against Harmful Light is imperative. Light, whether visible, UV or infrared, can cause long-lasting damage to the eyes. Many jobs can leave workers exposed to both visible sunglare and UV light, which means that without the correct protection they are at a far higher risk of developing serious, lifelong eye conditions. To ensure you know which goggles to pick, we've created this guide to help you understand which goggles protect against which type of light, making sure your eyes are protected.

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Which Shade of Welding Lens Do I Need?

Welding helmets come in all sorts of styles and designs, and while the look of a helmet might be what draws you in, the protection it provides to your eyes and face should be your top priority. While some helmets will list their shade level from 9 - 13, others will provide a wider range like 5 - 13, but what does this mean, and what shade do you need for the welding applications you'll be doing? Read on to find out.

31 May 2018  |  Eugene

Welding helmets come in all sorts of enticing styles, colours and designs, but if your helmet doesn't conform to the proper standards and specifications, you could be leaving yourself at risk of injury from radiation, sparks, splatters and other workplace hazards. These standards can sometimes be unclear and hard to follow, so to make things easier we've compiled a Guide to Welding Helmet Safety Standards to lay out the basics you should look out for, as well as some other important considerations and tips.

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Safety Goggle Marking Guide

When selecting a pair of safety goggles or glasses, the frames and lenses of your eyewear will be etched with a series of letters and numbers, each corresponding to a different hazard that they can protect you against. While these symbols can seem daunting at first, they are arranged in a specific order to make them as simple to read as possible. In our Safety Goggle Marking Guide, we’ll explain what each of these markings mean, and how to go about deciphering them when selecting your safety goggles.