Best Chemical Resistant Goggles

28 March 2023

When working with chemicals, the number one rule is to keep the eyes, face and body shielded against potential splashes and droplets, as not doing so can put you at risk of extreme harm. Injury caused by chemical splashes can range from skin dryness and cracking, blurred vision and swollen eyelids to more severe consequences, including permanent eye damage and blindness. 

Here at, we're all about providing our customers with the best PPE to stay protected against risk no matter the environment or industry in which they work, which is why we have contributed with product experts to compile this guide on our Best Chemical Resistant Goggles needed for a safe experience while handling different chemicals. 

What's Covered In this Guide?

In this blog we cover some of our most suitable goggles and PPE to use in jobs that involve the handling of chemicals. Although all products mentioned within this blog provide adequate protection for chemical splashes, each one has its specialised functions, and we recommend that you conduct a full health and safety inspection to ensure that your PPE is suitable for your particular needs.

In this guide, we will be covering:

Best Vented Chemical Resistant Goggles

Our Winner: bOLLÉ Blast Ventilated Safety Goggles Blapsi

Bollé Blast Ventilated Safety Goggles Blapsi

Why We Love Them...

 Provide full protection from chemicals, UV, thermal, and mechanical risk factors
 Feature an adjustable design to ensure a comfortable fit for most wearers
 Ultra-modern ventilation system ensures healthy eyes

Perfect For...

 Protecting against droplets from different chemicals and UV radiation
 Protecting against hot liquids and extreme temperatures
 Those seeking a goggle with an attachable face shield option

Not the Best For...

 Use in lab environments (See Our Solution)
 Providing hand protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Bollé Blast Ventilated Safety Goggles BLAPSI are top-selling on our site for a reason. Featuring a clear panoramic lens for improved visibility, this ventilated goggle provides excellent all-around protection from factors including hot and cold chemical splashes, ultraviolet radiation, mechanical risks and radiation of extreme temperatures, and can be converted into a face shield if needed. To add to its endless list of benefits, these goggles are also anti-fog and anti-scratch for excellent performance and increased durability, ensuring that your eyes stay shielded from damage in the long run.

Customer Verdict: "A friend recommended these to me, they are very comfortable over glasses and don't mist up, far better than the previous ones I used from a different maker." - Geoff

Best Chemical Resistant Lab Goggles

Our Winner: Uvex Ultrasonic CR Goggles 9302-500

Uvex Ultrasonic CR Goggles 9302-500

Why We Love Them...

 Features an autoclavable, chemical-resistant and anti-fog interior
 Sporty design allows for a wide panoramic field of vision
 Provide reliable UV 400 protection and high mechanical strength

Perfect For...

 Use in laboratories and hospitals and sterile environments
 Wearing over-prescription glasses
 Use in combination with dust masks

Not the Best For...

 Providing full-face protection (See Our Solution)
 Providing hand protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Chemical spillages and splashes are most common in laboratories, hence the importance of owning a reliable pair of goggles when working in such conditions. Featuring a chemical-resistant and anti-fog interior, the Uvex Ultrasonic CR Goggles 9302-500 are specifically designed for use in sterile environments where corrosive chemicals are often handled. Besides their highly protective characteristics, these goggles are also extremely comfortable and have outstanding ventilation to ensure a pleasant climate around the eye, promoting a seamless wearing experience for most users.

When We Asked Uvex, They Said: "The Ultrasonic CR Goggles combine high mechanical rigidity with maximum wearer comfort. They are flexible enough to adapt to each individual's face and they have an excellent ventilation system to maintain the eyes healthy. The autoclavable CR stands for professional protection in laboratories, clinics, cleanrooms or in food production."

Best Chemical Resistant Anti-Fog Goggles

Our Winner: Uvex Sun Glare U-Sonic Goggles 9308-240

Uvex Sun Glare U-Sonic Goggles 9308-240

Why We Love Them...

 Features an ergonomic design with soft components to fit every face perfectly
 Small and compact for a comfortable and seamless wearing experience
 Ventilated feature allows for optimal performance during long shifts

Perfect For...

 Environments with high levels of humidity
 Protecting the eyes against chemical splashes and scratches
 Protecting the eyes against UV radiation

Not the Best For...

 Providing full-face protection (See Our Solution)
 Use within sterile environments (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Besides offering excellent shielding against chemicals, the Uvex Sun Glare U-Sonic Goggles 9308-240 are ideal for humid environments, as they feature an anti-fog interior coating to avoid the build-up of moisture and condensation that can often cause inconveniences while on the job. With an ergonomic design and homogeneous pressure distribution, these goggles are most suitable for long shifts requiring highly protective eye equipment.

When We Asked Uvex, They Said: "These goggles are ideal for use in environments where chemicals are often handled, as they promote a chemical-resistant lens. With regard to anti-fogging properties, all Uvex goggles include a Supravision coating on them,  which is anti-fog on the inside and scratch-resistant outside. Separating the coatings allows them to perform their best."



Bollé Relpsi Tilting Face Shield

Why We Love Them...

 Features protective acetate lens that also resists fog
 Wide design gives users a wide field of vision and improved protection
 Fully adjustable headgear and brow guard to achieve perfect fit 

Perfect For...

 Protecting against acids and alkalis
 Protecting against bleaches and cleansers
 Protecting against oils, brines and hydrocarbons

Not the Best For...

 Those seeking protection against UV radiation (See Our Solution)
 Providing hand protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: If you require full-face protection, the Bollé Relpsi Tilting Face Shield is a product to consider. Featuring a resistant acetate lens, this face shield is ultra-lightweight and fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable wearing experience for most users. There are exceptional cases in which extra protection is necessary whilst dealing with harmful chemicals. However, this product doesn't pose an issue, as it allows for safety glasses to be worn in conjunction whenever seeking extra security.

When We Asked Bollé, They Said: “Acetate is very resistant to most chemical substances used in medicine and industry. Thus safety goggles with acetate lenses are perfect to protect when working with acids and alkalis, bleachers and cleansers, oils, brines, as well as hydrocarbons.”


Is There Other Protection I Need For When Handling Chemicals? 

Eye and face protection is incredibly empirical throughout chemical handling, as they help shield against splashes and droplets that could affect your eyes and lead to burns. Nevertheless, there are other risks that can be encountered during the handling of hazardous chemicals such as acids, these include inflammation, dermatitis and ulceration of the skin. The latter is why we must also provide shielding to our hands and arms, as well as any other exposed body parts.

Best Overall Chemical Resistant Gloves

Our Winner: Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG

Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Features nitrile coating, offering three times the protection of latex and vinyl
 Among one of the most durable option for gloves available, with tear resistant design 
 Includes textured grip-rite finish for outstanding grip even in slippery conditions

Perfect For...

 Protecting against diesel/petrol in automotive industry
 Protecting against sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid
 Protecting against hydroxides including potassium hydroxide

Not the Best For...

 Those seeking for eye protection (See Our Solution)
 Users looking for full-face protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile Gloves BX-BMG are one of the most effective gloves to rely on while handling chemicals. Featuring a tear-resistant design and a full nitrile coating for extra safety, these gloves are ideal for use in industries involving chemicals, including mechanics, chemical engineering and agriculture (amongst others). Besides providing superb hand and wrist protection, these gloves also give full dexterity to ensure productivity during the completion of every task.

Customer Verdict: "Been using latex gloves for ages whilst restoring a car. These nitrile ones from Black Mamba are so much better - stronger, chemical/fuel resistant, better grip. Price is also very good."- Eoin 


Best Chemical Resistant Gauntlets

Our Winner: Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Red 22" PVC Gauntlet RH2258

Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Red 22" PVC Gauntlet RH2258

Why We Love Them...

 Provides extended protection for the hands, wrists and forearms 
 PVC coated to protect against aqueous solutions, acids and detergents
 Available in one universal size to fit most users

Perfect For...

 Handling chemicals including sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid
 Working with petrochemicals
 Users working in the janitorial industry

Not the Best For...

 Those seeking for eye protection (See Our Solution)
 Users looking for full-face protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Some environments require extensive protection to ensure that most of the body stays shielded against chemical splashes and spillages. Featuring a tough PVC coating and 18" cuffs, the Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Red 22" PVC Gauntlet RH2258 is an excellent choice to keep the hands, wrists and forearms protected whilst working with corrosive and hazardous chemicals, including n-heptane, sodium hydroxide (40%) and sulphuric acid (96%).

When We Asked Ultimate Industrial, They Said: "These gloves are generally pretty good and popular with electro-platers, agricultural and chemists where protection is required for upper arms."

Customer Verdict: "I needed the gloves to chemically remove excess mortar from some newly laid cobblestones. The gloves assisted with the job. No issues for me, the quality was good. Would recommend." - Adrian

Stay Protected Against Chemicals At All Times

Thousands of workers are injured or suffer ill effects due to hazardous chemicals each year. Therefore, when it comes to working with chemicals, it's best to seek adequate PPE that will protect against specific substances we may be working with. This guide has introduced you to some of our best chemical-resistant goggles and other PPE for handling corrosive substances.

If none of the recommendations on this page suit you, feel free to browse our full range: