Best Safety Goggles for Grinding

3 March 2023

When you use an angle grinder, there are a number of threats that you need to consider, with the safety of your eyes being one of the most pressing. Here at, we're all about providing top-quality protection to ensure that our customers stay safe no matter what they are doing, which is why we have spoken to the product experts to compile this guide to the Best Safety Goggles for Grinding

What Does This Guide Cover?

In this blog, we will cover some of our best goggles and PPE to use during jobs that involve grinding metal and other materials. Although all products mentioned within this post provide adequate protection for grinding, each one has its specialised functions, and we recommend that you conduct a full health and safety inspection to ensure that your PPE is suitable for your needs.

In this guide, we will be covering:

Best Value Grinding Safety Goggles

Our Winner: Delta Plus Galeras Clear Safety Goggles

Delta Plus Galeras Clear

Why We Love Them...

 Feature a PVC and nylon frame for outstanding protection
 Combats dust and impacts of up to 120 meters per second 
 Can be used with glasses and disposable respiratory half-masks 

Perfect For...

 Protecting the eyes from dust and liquid splashes during grinding
 Those looking for a pair of affordable safety goggles 
 Those looking for individual eye protection 

Not the Best For...

 Full-face protection (See Our Solution)
 Anti-fog protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: If you're looking for both affordable and high-quality eye protection during grinding, the Delta Plus Galeras Clear Safety Goggles are for you. Featuring a firm PVC and nylon frame, and a wide screen for extended visibility, these safety goggles do a good job in withstanding dust, whilst also allowing a clear sight. Pair these with a respiratory half-mask and you will receive strong overall protection on the job.  

When We Asked Delta Plus, They Said: "These goggles have a soft feel, and include indirect vents. They are anti-scratch and anti-mist, and have a wide adjustable strap and a panoramic field of vision. Overall, these are a good option to opt for if you look to protect the eyes during grinding tasks."

Best Safety Goggles for Grinding Metal

Our Winner: MCR HydroBlast Clear Safety Goggles

MCR Hydroblast Clear Safety Goggles

Why We Love Them...

 Contour to the face, creating a seal for reliable protection
 Integrates 7-point ratchet adjustable temples for perfect fit
 Features an anti-scratch design for increased durability 

Perfect For...

 Preventing misting and moisture build-up due to anti-fog coating 
 Shielding the eyes from dust particles and liquid splashes 
 Those looking for dielectric eye protection during grinding 

Not the Best For...

 Best value protection (See Our Solution)
 Full-face protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Combining comfort with high protection, the MCR HydroBlast Clear Safety Goggles provide the eye shielding you need during any grinding job. The seven-point ratchet adjustable temples enable you to adapt them to your liking to ensure the best fit. Meanwhile, the unique soft TPR seal guarantees the best eye protection during grinding. Though, if you would like to receive maximum protection during your grinding jobs, we recommend accompanying these with a respirator or a half-mask, along with some gloves.

When We Asked MCR, They Said: "Characteristics such as the soft TPR seal make these goggles great for use in tasks such as grinding, as they prevent debris getting in to the wearers eyes whilst ensuring a very comfortable fit. There's an anti-fog coating on the lens that prevents mist or moisture from building up, and they also include an indirect vent to aid comfort for the wearer."

Best Face Shield for Angle Grinding

Our Winner: MCR XO Skeleton Headgear Clear Safety Visor

MCR XO Skeleton Headgear Clear Safety Visor

Why We Love It...

 Features top-quality anti-fog coating
 Offers resistance against the penetration of hot solids 
 Provides protection against liquid splashes

Perfect For...

 Those looking for full-face protection
 A durable, long-lasting PPE solution
 People that find goggles uncomfortable to wear

Not the Best For...

 Hand protection (See Our Solution)
 Best value protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: You may want to opt for an option that will offer full-face protection during your grinding jobs. If this is the case, the MCR XO Skeleton Headgear Clear Safety Visor is an ideal choice, providing protection to your whole face and preventing flying particles from hitting your eyes. Featuring a terry-cloth headband for maximum comfort and a panoramic field of vision to achieve a clear view, this shield will keep your face intact throughout the completion of high-risk tasks. We recommend pairing this product with other PPE for grinding to achieve the highest possible level of protection.

When We Asked MCR, They Said: "XO Skeleton is designed to provide full-face protection. It complies with EN166 parts 3, 4 and 9, which means it will protect your face from liquid droplets, dust and molten metal splash. Comfort is assured with a soft terry-cloth headband and a ratchet fastening so you can adjust the fit for your individual face."

Is There Other Protection I Need for Grinding?

Eyewear and face shielding are essential parts of your PPE whilst grinding, as they help to withstand dust and liquid splashes that can affect the eyes. However, there are other risks that one can face throughout a grinding job, such as cuts, abrasions and burns that happen when the skin makes contact with the grinding or cutting discs, and chronic lung inflammation caused by ongoing exposure to metallic particles.

Best Gloves for Griding

Our Winner: PAWA PG520 Cut Level E Kevlar Grip Gloves

Pawa PG520 Cut Level E Kevlar Grip Gloves

Why We Love Them...

 Features cut and 250°C heat protection 
 Designed to offer outstanding grip in tricky circumstances 
 Includes a breathable coating for prolonged use 

Perfect For...

 Handling glass and metal, as well as other materials 
 Those looking for protection against high cut risks 
 Individuals looking for thin hand protection

Not the Best For...

 Eye protection  (See Our Solution)
 Full-face protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Pawa PG520 Cut Level Kevlar Grip Gloves make for superb hand protection, as it features cut resistance and heat protection needed to prevent lacerations and burns that can occur during a grinding job. Combined with face, respiratory and hearing protection, these work wonderfully to save you from potential harm at work. 

When We Asked Supertouch, They Said: "Workers must consider the risks associated with the activity of grinding, mainly sharp edges on the metal being ground, and heat caused by the friction between the grinder and the metal, as well as the sparks created. The Pawa PG520 Kevlar Grip Gloves combine dexterity, grip, heat resistance and level-D cut resistance to effectively protect the hands during any grinding task."

Best Respirator for Grinding Metal 

Our Winner: Portwest P410 Auckland Half Mask Respirator (Blue)


Why We Love It...

 Features a compact design for increased visibility and ease of movement 
 Includes a high-performance inhalation valve to reduce heat and provide comfort
 Compatible with a variety of filters that protect against fumes and toxic particles

Perfect For...

 Those looking for protection against the inhalation of dust and fumes
 Those seeking an affordable yet protective respirator
 Use in hot and humid environments

Not the Best For...

 Full-face protection (See Our Solution)
 Hand protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Grinding metal often means being exposed to dust and toxic fumes that, if inhaled, can cause harm to internal organs. The latter is why you should highly consider purchasing a respirator that will prevent you from inhaling the potentially poisonous fumes released during metal grinding. The Portwest P410 Auckland Half Mask Respirator (Blue) is an effective device that, when paired with an appropriate filter, can protect you against breathing in toxic particles while ensuring a comfortable and seamless wearing experience. 

Invest In Effective PPE for Grinding

As studies have reported, over 5000 yearly documented injuries are related to the use of an angle grinder, which is why you should always ensure that you're wearing adequate PPE during any grinding job. This blog has introduced you to some of our best safety goggles and other PPE for grinding. However, if none of the recommendations on this page suit you, you can browse our full range of Grinding Safety Goggles for more available products.