Best Over-the-Glasses (OTG) Safety Glasses

21 July 2022  |  Alex

If you wear prescription glasses but are working in an industry where you need to wear safety glasses, you may resent having to fork-out for expensive prescription safety glasses, especially when they can become damaged quite easily. Our range of Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses help you to avoid this issue, giving you a pair of protective PPE glasses that can be worn over your everyday pair.

With so many to choose from, it can be a little daunting to know where to start, which is why we have put this guide together for the Best Over-the-Glasses (OTG) Safety Glasses, allowing you to find the perfect pair for your needs.

What's Covered In this Guide?

Best Overall Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses

Our Winner: Uvex Clear Super Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses 9169-260

Uvex Clear Super Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses 9169-260

Why We Love Them...

Wide design gives you a panoramic view of your work
Soft arms prevent soreness, even when worn for longer periods
Scratch and chemical resistant exterior is good for a range of uses

Perfect For...

General tasks that require protection against particles
DIY or work around the home
Working indoors where you want as good clarity as possible

Not the Best For...

Working outdoors or in bright conditions (See Our Solution)
Welding or working around sparks (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Whether you are a professional or an enthusiastic amateur, the Uvex Super are a perfect choice for ensuring that your normal glasses are kept out of any danger. Suitable for a wide range of jobs that have the threat of flying particles, if you're just looking for a pair of over-glasses, these are the ones that I would recommend.

Best Value Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses

Our Winner: Portwest Clear Over-Spectacle Safety Glasses PS30CLR

Portwest Clear Over-Spectacle Safety Glasses PS30CLR

Why We Love Them...

Marry protection with fantastic value for money
Adjustable arms help you find the perfect fit
Scratch-resistant coat extends longevity

Perfect For...

Outfitting larger workforces
Low-risk tasks such as woodworking
Wearing in well-lit indoor areas

Not the Best For...

Panoramic vision (See Our Solution)
Shading your eyes in bright environs (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Sometimes you don't need the highest level of protection, you just need to guard yourself from low-level risks. That's where the Portwest Clear Over Spectacles really shine, allowing you to get a decent level of protection at a more-than-decent price. They're also great for providing all of your team with PPE if you need to.

Best Tinted Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses

Our Winner: Bollé TRYON Smoke Safety Glasses TYROTGSPF

Bollé Tryon Smoke Safety Glasses TYROTGSPF

Why We Love Them...

Shaded design is perfect for bright conditions
Also offer protection against high temperatures
 Highly flexible frames provide a better level of comfort

Perfect For...

 Working outdoors in direct sunlight
 Jobs where you're likely to contact high temperatures
 Tasks such as construction and building

Not the Best For...

Indoor work (See Our Solution)
Protection against welding (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: A good pair of sunglasses are a must-have for the brightest days, and this extends to your workwear as well. The Bollé TRYON Smoke Over-Glasses are the ideal thing for working outdoors in sunny conditions, making them great for a range of construction and building roles.

Best Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses for Healthcare

Our Winner: Bollé TRYON OTG PSOTRYO014 Medical Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses

Bollé TRYON OTG PSOTRYO014 Medical Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses

Why We Love Them...

Provide protection against bacteria and viruses
 Comfortable and flexible arms are less irritating
 Coating prevents fogging and scratches for excellent optical clarity

Perfect For...

 Ideal for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals
Also great for clinicians, dentists, and dermatologists
Comfortable design allows for longer periods of wear

Not the Best For...

Low-cost PPE (See Our Solution)
Non-medical applications (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: Whether you're working in a hospital or a nail salon, it is important that you look after your health when dealing with people. The Bollé PSOTRYO014 Safety Glasses are the ideal pair to ensure that you're protected against bacteria and viruses, as well as any wayward particles!

Best Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses for Welding

Our Winner: Uvex Super F OTG Welding Safety Glasses 9169-545

Uvex Super F OTG Welding Safety Glasses 9169-545

Why We Love Them...

Provide level 5 welding shade to protect eyes
Though highly shaded, they allow great colour recognition
Extremely scratch resistant, protecting against welding sparks

Perfect For...

Protecting your eyes from welding
Other jobs causing sparks (e.g. angle grinding)
Use in high-temperature environments

Not the Best For...

Everyday use (See Our Solution)
Medical protection (See Our Solution)

Editor's Verdict: The Uvex Super F Welding Over Glasses are perfect for keeping your eyes protected while still allowing you to use your prescription glasses. Thanks to their special filter, they also provide excellent colour recognition, making intricate tasks easier.

Hopefully one of the pairs above has had exactly what you needed to make sure that you are well protected, but if not, why not check out our full range of Over-the-Glasses Safety Glasses?