Best Safety Goggles for Dust Protection

7 March 2023

In any trade where flying dust particles are a common hazard, protective eyewear is essential for keeping you and your eyes safe. Whether you're filing away at your latest workshop masterpiece or grinding through endless sheets of metal to meet your project deadline, you can't afford to disregard eye protection. But which safety goggles offer the best protection within certain industries?

Knowing which goggles you need to protect yourself from the materials you work with is key to ensuring safety, so to help you do this, we went out and spoke with eyewear experts and product specialists to put together this list of the Best Goggles for Dust Protection.

What Are the Best Anti-Dust Goggles?

This guide covers all the basics when it comes to dust protection, including the best all-rounder, the best for metal and wood work, as well as the best value option. We've also included our top picks for the best face visor and best respirator, as these are also essential safety items when working around dust. If you know what you're looking for, use the links below to skip ahead.

Best All-Round Dust Goggles

Our Winner: Uvex Ultrasonic Clear Safety Goggles

Uvex Ultrasonic Clear Safety Goggles

Why We Picked Them...

 High mechanical lens strength (B) to protect against fast-flying particles
 Wide lens design provides a panoramic field of vision
 Combine hard and soft components to create a comfy and effective seal
 Anti-fog lens with an extremely scratch and chemical resistant exterior

Ideal For...

 All-round protection against all types of dust
 Protection against both airborne and projectile dust

Not the Best For...

 Best value protection (See Our Solution)
 Full-face coverage (See Our Solution)

Our Review: Whether you come into contact with different types of dust at work, or you're just looking for a good all-rounder, the Uvex Ultrasonic Goggles are an excellent choice. Built with pioneering lens technology, these high-strength goggles protect against dust particles that travel at speeds of up to 120 metres per second, and the near scratch-proof frame means they do very little damage. The seal is made from a mixture of hard and soft components to create an effective seal that stops airborne particles from reaching the eyes.

From Uvex's Eyewear Specialist: "Above and beyond the primary objective of protection, the Uvex ultrasonic goggle redefines the question of WEARABILITY - the unmatched differentiation between Uvex technology and other brands. The combination of its slim profile, panoramic lens, sporty looks and hygienic, easy to clean TPE frame, means the Uvex ultrasonic delivers a wearing experience unattainable by any other brand."

Best Safety Goggles for Grinding Metal

Our Winner: MCR HydroBlast Clear Safety Goggles

MCR HydroBlast Clear Safety Goggles

Why We Picked Them...

 Sealed unit provides a reliable shield against airborne dust particles
 Certified for protection against liquid, dust and molten metal splashes
 Treated with anti-fog coating to prevent misting and moisture build-up
 Anti-scratch lens for increased durability and protection

Ideal For...

 Shielding from fast projectile dust
 Protection against liquid, dust and metal sparks

Not the Best For...

 Protection against dust inhalation (See Our Solution)
 Full face coverage (See Our Solution)

Our Review: For applications such as grinding or cutting metal, hot sparks and dust particles can travel at terrifying speeds. To protect your eyes from these high-speed metal fragments, the MCR Hydroblast Goggles are built to withstand molten splashes and impacts with small objects travelling up to 45 meters per second. They also feature a soft TPR seal that keeps out airborne dust particles without causing discomfort.

From MCR's Eyewear Specialist: "HydroBlast is the ideal eye-protector for environments with airborne debris. As a sealed unit, it provides a completely reliable shield. It features a 7-point ratchet adjustment on the strap for optimum fit, indirect vents to allow fresh air to circulate, plus Anti-Fog (N) treatment will prevent unwanted misting. With a super-soft TPR seal, you can be assured of great comfort against your skin. It complies to EN166 3, 4 and 9 which means it will protect from liquid droplets, dust and molten metal splash."

Best Safety Goggles for Woodworking

Our Winner: Guard Dogs PureBreds Xtreme 1 Clear Safety Glasses

Guard Dogs PureBreds Xtreme 1 Clear Safety Glasses

Why We Picked Them...

 Optical-grade polycarbonate lens provides distortion-free protection
 Patented elemental deflectors seal the eye region from airborne particles
 Wraparound frame design provides 180° of unobstructed vision
 Soft and flexible nose piece ensures a more comfortable fit

Ideal For...

 Style and comfort
 Protection from UV penetration

Not the Best For...

 Best value protection (See Our Solution)
 Staying in place (See Our Solution)

Our Review: Carpentry can be dusty work, with all that filing, sawing and sanding causing a dust fog that stays airborne for a long time. To prevent these airborne particles from getting in your eyes, the Guard Dogs PureBred 1 Goggles feature full surround foam and elemental deflectors that seal in the eye region. On top of this, they also feature cushioned temples and a wrap around frame design for improved comfort and visibility.

From Guard Dogs' Eyewear Specialist: "The PureBreds Xtreme 1 offer good dust protection due to the full surround foam that blocks out dust, wind, insects etc from reaching the eye."

Best Value Dust Goggles

Our Winner: Delta Plus Galeras Clear Safety Goggles

Delta Plus Galeras Clear

Why We Picked Them...

 Robust design withstands impact of up to 120 meters per second
 PVC and nylon frame ensures lasting wearer comfort and durability
 Wide elastic strap can be adjusted for the most secure and comfy fit
 Specially adapted design for use with prescription glasses and disposable masks

Ideal For...

 People looking for high-quality protection on a budget
 Wearing with masks or prescription glasses

Not the Best For...

 Style (See Our Solution)
 Protection from hot solids (See our Solution)

Our Review: Looking for reliable eye protection on a budget? The Delta Plus Galeras Safety Goggles have your eyes covered. For an incredible price, these incredible goggles provide incredible protection against dust penetration and high energy impacts thanks to their robust polycarbonate lenses. A wide elastic strap makes them easy to adjust for the most comfy fit, and their design is specially adapted for use with glasses and disposable respiratory masks.

From Delta Plus' Eyewear Specialist: "I would recommend the Galeras Goggle, its Anti-Scratch and Anti-Mist, it has a Panoramic field of vision, flexible frame and an adjustable wide strap. It can be used in conjunction with prescription eyewear and also disposable and half masks. It has indirect vents so no dust can enter the goggle."

Best Face Shield for Dust Protection

Our Winner: MCR XO Skeleton Headgear Clear Safety Visor

MCR XO Skeleton Headgear Clear Safety Visor

Why We Picked It...

 One-piece moulded polycarbonate visor provides heavy-duty protection
 Curves to each side and beneath the chin for full face coverage
 Resistant to penetration of hot solids (9) and liquid splash (3)
 Coated with premium anti-fog to prevent misting 

Ideal For...

 Protection from larger projectiles such as chips of wood or metal
 People in need of full face protection

Not the Best For...

 Using with a respirator (See Our Solution)
 Protection from airborne particles (See Our Solution)

Our Review: If you want to protect more than just your eyes, the MCR XO Skeleton Safety Visor may be a better option for you than a pair of goggles. This heavy-duty visor is made with extra strong polycarbonate to deflect flying particles and stop them from damaging your face. The only caveat is that any floating dust particles may still reach your eyes from underneath the visor, so they are mainly suited to applications that involve projectile dust such as grinding, metal cutting or welding.

From MCR's Eyewear Specialist: "XO Skeleton is designed to protect the entire face with curvature at each side and beneath the chin for maximum coverage. It will block flying particles and liquid splash and has anti-fog coating to ensure your view remains clear. It complies to EN166 parts 3, 4 and 9 which means it will protect your face from liquid droplets, dust and molten metal splash."

Best Respirator Mask for Dust Protection

Our Winner: Portwest P410 Aukland Half-Mask Respirator

Portwest P410 Auckland Half Mask Respirator (Blue)

Why We Picked It...

 Filters out harmful dust particles to prevent long-term illness
 Compact low-profile design for use with safety goggles
 Easily adjustable for the most secure and comfortable fit
 Compatible with a range of filters to protect against toxic particles

Ideal For...

 Preventing inhalation of toxic dust and fumes
 Those seeking an affordable yet protective respirator

Not the Best For...

 Eye protection (See Our Solution)
 Full face protection (See Our Solution)

Our Review: Exposure to toxic dust particles such as silica, wood treatment chemicals and asbestos can cause potentially-fatal health problems. For this reason, a respirator is essential PPE for anyone who is frequently exposed to high quantities of dust. Suitable for pairing with any of the goggles featured on this list, the Portwest P410 Half-Mask Respirator is a superb choice for lung protection. Low-cost and low-profile, this respirator effectively filters harmful substances to prevent you from breathing them in.

Keep Your Eyes Protected

Although small and practically invisible, dust particles are one of the biggest health risks in the workplace. Protecting both your eyes and lungs from these microscopic specks of debris is critical if you want to prevent health complications later in life. Hopefully we've helped you do this with our list of the best PPE for dust protection, which we curated with the help of industry experts.

Have any questions about our goggles or looking for a more specific recommendation? Let us know in the comments section down below.